Environmental Services

AI and ML technology from Verano.AI is utilized to streamline waste management, pollution control, toxic water inventory, storm water permits and resource conservation policies and procedures in multiple environmental domains.

Banking & Finance

Verano.AI assists with automating the complexities of managing compliance and regulations for capital requirements, consumer lending, market discipline, supervisory review, investment practices, and anti-money laundering measures.


Verano.AI effectively navigates the complexities of evolving sports betting and online casino regulations to identify compliance risks and propose AI-generated solutions. It allows clients to adhere to strict compliance requirements specific to each jurisdiction.


The practice of adhering to laws, regulations, standards, and other rules set forth by governments and other regulatory bodies can be performed using Verano.AI’s technology. With access to vast amounts of data, Generative AI can be used to modify or create legal documents in real-time.


Regulated mining entities (owners, agents, managers or permittees) are using Verano.AI to be aware of and maintain compliance with their regulatory requirements throughout the life of the mine. Further assistance is provided to mine inspectors to verify compliance with actionable insights and reporting.

Oil & Gas

Verano.AI understands that there are inherent risks associated with the production, transportation, and storage of hazardous energy related materials. Verano.AI’s technology allows its clients to conform to rigid oil and gas compliance standards, such as CSA, OPR, OSHA, AEC, and CER, to enhance their compliance performance and efficiency.


Planning a new solar or wind energy project and operating them effectively, in a rapidly evolving legislative framework, requires a clear geographic approach to regulatory compliance, corporate integrity, and stakeholder accessibility – all areas that Verano.AI excels in.


Maintaining compliance in electric, natural gas and water utilities requires systems to support market rules and regulations. Verano.AI supports utility companies, both private and public, in avoiding regulatory violations with technology solutions customized to the industry.


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