AI-Powered Compliance

Verano.AI is an AI-powered technology for regulatory compliance workflows that, mainly through APIs, integrates into compliance management systems (CMS) and more. Primarily being utilized by igaming and energy based organizations, Verano.AI’s approach offers a high degree of workflow automation — with an estimated time savings of about 80%, all without introducing a steep learning curve to users and/or the need to implement a new software or solution. 


This component focuses on the monitoring and parsing of legislative updates. Through the use of AI, Verano is able to assess the materiality of changes, capturing the key points in a summary of changes


Our AI models parses through legislations to identify the regulatory requirements. Then, it matches the requirements to the appropriate sections of the applicable controls, identifying and notifying SMEs of any gaps found in mapping

Compliance Assessment

Compliance Assessments​

Through a combination of AI models and metrics, we're able to parse through the mapped pairings of legislation clauses and controls sections to flag any inconsistencies between requirements and controls

Generative AI

Our generative models supports users at every step of the process, by generating summaries, as well as suggestions of corrections for gaps in mapping and compliance

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